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What We All Want: Anything But Plastic

Our mission is to help brands achieve sustainability goals by aligning their practices with the values of their customers. As more consumers understand the impact of plastic pollution and demand alternatives, our solutions offer a viable way to have a lighter (and less toxic) impact while still enjoying the things we love.

All of our products are made from renewable resources and contain no toxic chemicals. They are 100% compostable and when properly disposed, they offer a full cycle, closed-loop solution.

We encourage you to reduce and reuse whenever possible. For those times that you can't, we've created products that we think are your best alternative. Whatever you do, please use, choose and dispose responsibly.

This is about more than just care for the environment. Our food supply and ability to survive on Earth are threatened, and if we don't reverse our course there will be grave consequences. The cost of not doing so is far more than the couple of cents extra to pay for a sustainable option. (Really, it's a few pennies). The long-term costs are staggering, in fact.

We prefer to focus on the positives though, that we can replace certain products with better practices. That's why we have a smile in our logo. Our products are the best available currently, and we continue to look for better options that become commercially viable. Switching to our products uses up to 75% less greenhouse emissions in production, shifts from petroleum to renewable raw materials, and can have fully closed loop product cycles. Plants to products, to compost, back to plants, back to products. We think that's a reason to smile, too.

Are you with us?





Your coffee lid is styrofoam

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consumers want better practices, will pay more