Or "One-Time" as we like to call it

Our mission is to create the most sustainable options currently available in cups, lids and other eco-friendly cafe products, so you can provide the high-quality experience your customers expect from you. The tide has turned on single-use plastics, and consumers are demanding better options.    

We offer cups in a variety of sizes, all from high-quality sustainably forested resources. Our new, innovative 100% biodegradable lids are the most high-quality sustainable option available, as are our new sugarcane hot cups.  Together, they send a strong message, and will delight your customers.  

We'll always be transparent about our products, and in some cases we don't have a perfect solution.  If we don't have it, we can confidently say no one else does either.  

If and when you need a one-time option, we're here for you.

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