Lid Samples


Lid Samples

Want to try out our new 100% biodegradable lids?  

We would be happy to send you some! 

See product page for more details - and actually we'd much prefer to send you a case to try.  Available in 90mm (12/16oz) or 80mm (8oz).  Note samples are only available in the 90mm size and ship from our office, which may take up to 2 weeks.  Regular orders ship from our warehouse within 1 business day.

The NAECO lids are the only coffee lids available that can be recycled, backyard composted without the need for a facility and are truly biodegradable.  They're made from sustainably forested paper pulp - and they stay strong (unlike paper straws).  The best replacement for single-use plastic lids available, a product we are happy to share with the world.

The samples are free, with a small fee to cover our packing and handling costs.  We'll send around 10 lids, enough for you and some customers to try. 


Available for U.S. customers only at this time.